Donations for Cancer Ages 13-30

You may be wondering what
happened to my hair?


Well, itís a story involving our parish. It has been a wonderful honor these last two years to be assigned here and an extraordinary privilege to be invited into the lives of so many. Right after I was ordained a deacon in June I baptized my first baby. Her name is Ana Maria Paiva, the daughter of Samara and Renildo Paiva. They are a wonderful young Catholic couple and are very involved at St Thomas in so many ways. Samara is currently battling breast cancer. To show support for them I decided I would shave my head and donate for cancer research.

Experiencing the sense of fatherhood that comes with the priesthood, especially bringing children into the family of the church, I wanted in some way to exercise that role for the Paiva family by supporting them in this way. And so I spoke with seminary and parish priests and decided to shave my head (as you see) and ask people to donate to an organization called 13thirty. Their website is Donations go to cancer research for the age group of 13-30 years old. I don't expect others to shave their head, but I ask that in addition to praying for the Paiva family and all cancer patients and their families, you might consider donating any amount to 13thirty. Thanks for your prayers and any help you might give. God bless! Deacon Dan

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