Almsgiving, Prayer, and Fasting:
The Three Pillars of Lent

In participation of these three pillars of Lent the Middle School EDGE program is asking our parishes to participate in their Almsgiving program, A bed for EVERY Child. After their fund raiser, the students will have raised enough money to receive the necessary items to build (5) beds for (5) children on Saturday, March 7. How will they raise the funds? The
students will put together two weekends of bake sales at both parishes for each Mass. We hope between the two weekends we will have raised $1,500.00 for the materials.









Come to our 10 AM Mass
These are our Family Masses for all kinds of families. All are Welcome!
Relax! God put the wiggle in children; do not feel you have to suppress it in God’s house.

Sit towards the front where it is easier for your little ones to see and hear what is going on in the sanctuary.
Quietly explain the parts of the Mass and the actions of the priest, altar servers, cantor, lector, etc
Sing the hymns, pray and voice your responds loudly and clearly. Children learn liturgical behavior by copying you.
Need to step out for a moment with your child during Mass? Please do so freely as needed. We have a children's corner with a rocker and kiddie's books. Jesus said,
“Let the little children come to me!”
To all Members of Our Parishes: Remember: the way we welcome children in church directly affects the way they
respond. Let them know that they can feel at home in God’s house. The presence of children is a gift to the Church. They are a reminder that our parish is growing. Your church is their church as well. Please welcome our children and give a smile of encouragement to them and to their parents

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