Wanted: Library Coordinator!

Our Parish Center lending library is in need of a new library coordinator!

Pat Adam and her son Chris established this library in the summer of 2006, and, with early on help from Lorraine and John Adams, most of the books and videos are stocked and categorized well on the shelves. We thank all parishioners who have donated inspirational and spiritual treasures for borrowing by others in the parish and school communities.

Pat had maintained the library for a good number of years and decided to step down from this role in December of 2014. We thank her for the time and effort she has consistently given to our library as many people have found our resources to be valuable assets to their prayer life.

After Pat left, an interim library coordinator indexed and catalogued all of the books in the library intended to be loaned to our parishioners, including many recent donations. And additional bookshelves were added in the conference/meeting room in the Parish Center to accommodate the new donations. Now all of the book collection of the Saint John's Lending Library are shelved according to appropriate designations (Prayer and Devotion, Inspiration and Spiritual, Theology, Bible, and Children's Books) and in alphabetical order according to the Titles of the Book. A number of indexes are also available at the library as well as on line on our web site (library/holdings/). For further information about the status of our library, please click the Notes from the Library button under the Ongoing Activities on our Latest News Page.

Because of other commitments, the current interim library coordinator is unable to continue in that role. The coordinator duties and responsibilities are minimal, as for the most part the library runs itself. As donations are received, the coordinator would categorize each book or video for the appropriate shelf space. It's that simple! In addition, the coordinator would visit the library on a regular basis (at your convenience) to return resources to the shelves once borrowed materials are returned. This is a wonderful opportunity for a volunteer who does not have great amounts of time to be involved with complex parish activities, but has limited time in which to help. If you are interested in finding out more about the parish library coordinator position, please contact the current interim coordinator by email at librariansjtb@comcast.net or call the Parish Center at (978) 531-0002.

Thank you for your consideration.

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